Peaceful Pastures in Tennessee Needs Your Help

Spring 2002: We have a disturbing letter from Jenny Drake of Peaceful Pastures, a longtime advertiser in Wise Traditions. On March 7, one USDA and two state Department of Agriculture representatives arrived on her farm unannounced. Their sole intent appeared to be shutting down every operation that they have. Some highlights:

  • Because they sell “people” food for pets, the inspectors claimed the Drakes are not in compliance with labeling laws for pet food and say they will require nutritional analysis and additional labeling for every package of pet food.
  • Although the agency had earlier told them they could sell raw dairy for animal consumption, they now say they cannot. Furthermore, they will be levying a fine for past sales.
  • The USDA, with whom they had consulted regarding their on-farm and legal chicken processing, now questions their legality and compliance.
  • The agents even took a label from soap made on the farm to question its merits. (Soap is regulated by FDA, not USDA.)
  • The inspectors also visited the establishment where the Drakes purchase dry ice and inquired about their business with them.

This is clearly a case of unjustified harassment and the Drakes need your support. They have attorneys on retainer. Contact Jenny at 615-683-4291. Help with attorney fees would be very welcome.



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