Canadian Government Wants Peaceful Farmers Imprisoned in Sheep Case

Raw milk celebrity farmer, Michael Schmidt, and Shepherdess Montana Jones, are threatened with potentially ten years in prison. According to its website, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is charging the farmers with a litany of violations related to thedisappearance of Jones’ herd of healthy, heritage breed Shropshire sheep in 2012.

The farmers’ crowdfunding page, set up by attorney and Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director, Karen Selick, explains the details, including the need for immediate and continuing funding to keep these two peaceful, courageous farmers out of prison.

In addition to the CFIA ire over the disappearing sheep, various government agencies have attempted, for years, to prevent Michael Schmidt’s staunch support of raw milk and his continued persistence in supplying it to his community. According to Selick,

“Michael is a celebrity in the Real Food movement because of decades of activism aimed at legalizing the sale of raw milk. It’s reported that the CFIA desperately wants to put Michael in jail.”

This case could define the lives of two heroes of the real food movement. More importantly, it will define the movement: will outrageous and draconian criminal charges stick against peaceful farmers whose lives are dedicated to raising animals humanely? Or will the people come together in unity to stand with these farmers upon whom we all depend?

Please donate to the legal defense of Michael and Montana. And, once you have, as Karen requests, please ask others to do the same. Let us set a different precedent than the CFIA hopes to set and send the message that we value our dedicated farmers.

Support the Campaign for Real Milk, join the Weston A. Price Foundation, today!



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