IDFA on the Wrong Side of History

In response to an article entitled “Halting the Raw Milk Movement” by Cary Frye, at, Mark McAfee posted the following comment:

Dear Cary Frye,

As a member of the Raw Milk Institute and as a producer of legal raw milk in California with products in 700 stores and also as the fourth-ranked brand of organic milk in the USA, I must take complete exception to your conclusions that raw milk is unsafe and must be stopped.

The EU has done 17 studies on raw milk. They are published and peer-reviewed. You can find them at the NIH and elsewhere. PARSIFAL, GABRIELA, KOALA, AMISH, LOSS and Von Mutuis et al., etc. Each and every one of them says this: raw milk is great for asthma and prevents ear infections, colds and eczema. Additional studies are now reporting that raw milk and raw kefir can cure Crohn’s (an alternative to having your guts cut out and voiding in a plastic bag for life!).

One look at the conventional pasteurized markets tells us that pasteurized milk is dead and/or dying. The stuff is not being consumed in the market place and milk prices are cheaper than bottled water. Dairies are going bankrupt worldwide. Why? Because pasteurized milk is the most allergenic food in America and causes digestive problems like no other food. It is also a trigger for asthma. Raw milk producers have now embraced rapid testing systems like BAX PCR RT & MP and can now test down to one E. coli STEC cell in a sample and get test results back in 14 hours.

“Pasteurization is an 18th century solution to an 18th century problem” (quote from UC Davis PhD milk researcher). We can do better, and raw milk dairies are doing just that. IDFA is supporting the wrong side of history. If we can put a man on the moon and count the DNA links in our genome, we can surely make safe raw milk for the next millennium. It is time to let go of pasteurization on this its one hundredth year of killing and start to embrace change. Remember this, breast milk is raw milk and universal agreement says breastfeeding is best. Breast milk is not sterile (it contains up to 700 different kinds of bacteria including pathogens), and there is a reason for this. Our immune systems demand all of the proteins, fats, vitamins, enzymes and yes. . . bacteria for our health. Move over dead milk, you have had your one hundred years. Clean, alive, fresh, delicious and safe raw milk is back and here to stay! One look at consumer voting says it all. Consumers no longer trust the CDC or the FDA or the government—they trust their farmers far more.

Mark McAfee, CEO Organic Pasture Dairy
Fresno, California

Mark McAfee

Mark McAfee is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk safety and production. In 2011, Mark founded the Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI). This start-up non-profit is dedicated to the establishment of standards for raw milk and the education of farmers and consumers from all over the world.  He has been an expert witness in raw milk legislative and judicial proceedings across America.

Mark pioneered the first “dietary supplements” made from fresh raw colostrum, and secured their retail certification from the FDA and DHS. Along with internationally respected doctors and researchers, Mark co-developed RAMP, the first ever food safety “Risk Analysis Management Program” program for raw milk. Mark is the CEO and founder of Organic Pastures Dairy Company near Fresno, CA, where the company produces and serves 50,000 consumers from 400 retail stores with state-inspected, retail approved and tested raw dairy products.

Mark has pioneered a new theory of pasteurization intolerance that lays outside the clinical definition of true lactose intolerance and has gathered the data to support this concept which will now be proven in future university studies. Mark taught paramedic medicine at the Fresno County Health Department EMS division and was a preceptor and medical quality assurance evaluator for field paramedics. Mark was born and raised on the family farms near Fresno with his four brothers.