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Facebook: Acresofvitality. Small family farm on 25 acres in Scio. They have been selling raw milk for 10 years. They have grassfed cow and goat herdshares available. Herdshares are a one-time purchase of $25. Then each shareholder pays a monthly maintenance fee of $40 for the care and milking of the animals. (Averages $10/gallon) The animals are producing enough for each shareholder to receive one gallon of milk per week. Milk comes in glass half-gallon mason jars. The goat herd consists entirely of purebred registered Alpines, which they have on milk production test through Willamette DHIA. The goat herd is tested for disease yearly. Milk is tested monthly for coliform and bacteria through OSU. They follow organic, holistic and sustainable practices and use intense rotational grazing moving them to fresh grass every day. The animals have unlimited access to the pasture all year long except December/January. Their animals are pasture raised with an abundance of acreage for each individual animal. They are fed organic alfalfa, orchardgrass, minerals and sprouted organic oats/barley. Drop off in Salem, Stayton, Albany and farm pickups in Scio. FTCLDF member. See other places where you can find products from this farm.