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Breezy Hill Farm

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Breezy Hill Farm
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They have raw milk from A2 protein Guernsey cows. Limited supply, available only for pick up at the farm. Cows are always on pasture; no grain is fed. Cows are dry during Jan. and Feb. No antibiotics or hormones are used. They have sold several family milk cows when numbers allowed. Grass finished beef, wholes, halves and quarters are their main enterprise. Pricing structure tracks closely to local grocery store pricing of commodity beef and milk. They deliver beef within 100 miles of the farm. They occasionally have a beef processed entirely into ground beef; pick up at the farm and a 10 lb. minimum. They have access to dirt hog farmers and maintain a list for halves and wholes. Visit their web site for more information. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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