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Rural Hall
North Carolina
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Bucket List Homestead is a family of eight "living the dream" in Rural Hall, North Carolina on their 14-acre farm. They have several A2/A2 Jersey cows giving multiple gallons a day. Their cows are pasture grazed, and they feed alfalfa pellets or hay to their Jerseys during milking time.
Their Jerseys are milked by machine twice a day, and then they strain the milk into glass jars and refrigerate immediately. Raw milk is $12 per gallon for pet milk, or $10 per gallon if you do a herd share. They operate mainly on a herd share agreement. They are currently taking customers.

They also sell chicken eggs as well as pasture-raised chicken. If you would like to purchase some pasture-raised chicken, contact them through their website at bucketlisthomestead.com or email them at bucketlisthomestead@gmail.com to let them know what you're interested in, and they will let you know what their availability is.

The farm would also like to know if there is interest in fresh ground whole wheat bread or white bread. Let them know a couple days ahead of time so they can make it fresh.