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Buffalo Valley Pastures’ farming practices are beyond organic. Their dairy animals are 100 percent organically grassfed (free from soy, grain and chemicals) and always 100 percent A2. The milk they produce on the farm includes Guernsey cow milk and water buffalo milk. Buffalo Valley Pastures also sells camel, horse, goat and sheep milk from trusted nearby farms that farm the same way. All animals are farmed on pasture, non-confined, free from antibiotics, vaccines and hormones. Not only do they sell raw milk, they also sell, raw cream, ice cream, gelato, yogurt, kefir, butter, cottage cheese, cheese and much more! Their milk and dairy products are raw and sold as pet food. They also sell their own pastured meats (pork, chicken, beef, water buffalo and lamb), chicken and duck eggs, ancient grains (spelt, einkorn, turkey red), rolled oats, kombucha, water kefir, cookies, local honey, local maple syrup and sourdough bread! Everything is produced without chemicals. All of the varieties of grains, oats, breeds of animals and production of goods is made with digestion in mind. They have on farm pick up by appointment in Quarryville, Pa. They also have various pick-up locations in Bucks County, Pa. They offer personal home delivery in Delaware County, Pa. They have pick up locations and home delivery options for Baltimore Md., Washington, DC, Arlington, Va., and the surrounding area. You can also find some of their products at Martindale’s Nutrition in Springfield, Pa. They are also partnered with companies on Farm Match. Contact them at milk@bvpmarket.com