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A private membership club only, home delivered to southern NY (including NYC all 5 boroughs, and LI), NJ, CT, and PA. Raw organic cow and goat milk - grass-fed, A2 type, non-GMO, pastured. Many dairy products like butter, cottage cheese, heavy cream, tvorog, feta, fromage blanc, yogurts, sour cream, cheeses, ghee, half and half, Ryazhenka and Matsoni, etc. Pastured soy-free eggs. Grassfed organic meats like beef, bison, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, turkey. Sausages as well. Wild sustainable caught fish. Raw honey. Fermented vegetables. Maple syrup. Elderberry syrup. Kombucha. Sourdough breads. Local and seasonal fruits, veggies. Flours and grains. Find all of the information on their website listed above. After you register you will be able to place your order. All of the delivery instructions are on their site. See other places where you can find products from this farm.