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Cast Iron Farm

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Cast Iron Farm
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4717 NE Riverside Loop
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Cast Iron Farm milks heritage breed cows. At milking, cows are fed alfalfa pellets, and less than one percent of their body weight in rolled barley. Cows have access to rotationally grazed pasture, weather permitting. In inclement weather, they eat alfalfa and orchard grass hay in a well bedded, dry barn. Milk parlor is open for public inspection daily. RAWMI listed: Milk costs $7/half-gallon jar. Pick up on the farm only. First milk pick up requires tour of farm premises and education on raw milk handling. Milk is reserved for each day and customers pick up on the same day each week. Milk is tested monthly by Standard Plate Count and Coliform Count, and results are posted in the milk area. Farm practices are readily available to all potential customers. Other farm products available on request include eggs, rabbit and poultry meat, and fiber. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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