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🥛 Raw Milk & Fresh Eggs 🥚

Heifers start to freshen in March, with the majority in April. The farm's spring group is all Holstein, while the Jersey girls start to freshen come fall.

$8 per half gallon
$5 per dozen eggs

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Call or Text for availability

👉 Farm Pickup - Starting after March 11th
The farm is currently only offering on farm pick ups, by appointment only. Contact them to place your order and schedule pick up. All of their milk and eggs are pre-sold only. You must provide your own 1/2 gallon CLEAN container for milk. Egg carton returns are welcomed.

Cash preferred, Vemno accepted

❔️ What are the animals fed?
Milk cows are fed a baleage based diet (fermented hay to maximize nutrition and digestibility) along with vitamins and minerals to help balance their diet to maintain healthy, productive stock. The farmers work with local vets and nutritionists to ensure the optimal health of each individual animal.

The flock of chickens is allowed free range of the farm and can be found foraging around. They do receive corn, but are soy free.

💰 What does the money support?
The sale from any of the farm's products (milk, eggs, beef, lamb) allows them to continue to offer youth programming projects for a low cost, along with assisting in offsetting the costs of animal needs and care. Their youth projects, which they have offered since the 1970's, include include allowing youth to work directly with livestock (dairy and beef cattle) and giving them the opportunity to learn and develop lifelong skills when it comes to animal care and husbandry. In 2023 Chi-Lakes Cattle Co. served 12 youth from three counties and two states. Program included hands-on learning workshops with industry professionals, but also opportunities to attend several shows, including Chisago County Fair, Kanabec County Fair, two different Minnesota State Fair Livestock Encampments spanning over nine days and the Minnesota Beef Expo. This allowed the youth to showcase their hard work and knowledge to their peers and the public.