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3363 Pricedale Dr SE
Bogue Chitto
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Herds are fed Chaffhaye made with non-GMO alfalfa, pesticide and herbicide free hay, pasture that is managed with permaculture principles and organic grain at milking. The are also offered a mineral bar with 22 individual minerals for them to choose from.

The cow herd is made up of Jersey cows. The small goat herd is made up of Lamancha, Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Alpine and Mini Lamanchas. In addition to the above listed feed, the goat herd gets a guided tour through the forest, weather permitting, where they can choose what fresh greens they need in their diet that day.

The farm offers:

  • Raw goat milk: Bring your own quart, half-gallon, or gallon jars to fill for a one-time purchase or sign up for a weekly pick up. Call them to schedule.
  • Cow herdshares: Go to their website for more information and to get on the list. Invitations to join are sent out at the first of every month, and sign ups remain open for the first 7 days of each month. *** Openings available ***

Farmer's statement: "Our farm, located just south of Brookhaven, MS, focuses on regenerative and permaculture principles. Our methods work closely with nature to improve the health of the land, our animals, and ultimately ourselves. Give us a call to schedule your pick up and don't forget ask about what other farm products we have to offer. Let us help you take back your health, from the ground up."