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Facebook: covenantfarmsltd. A small homestead farm, focused on sustainability, pasture and natural animal health. Herd is primarily miniature Jerseys. They produce A2/A2 and standard raw milk, and breeding stock for herdshares and those wishing to have their own milk cow. In order to be sustainable, they utilize management intensive grazing to utilize all grass and give the necessary rest. Hay and stockpiled grass is fed during the winter months; cows receive no grain - they are a grass-only farm. The focus is on healthy animals and pasture (no antibiotics/hormones). Vaccination: Bangs only (required for shipping animals). Prices: seasonal herdshare program (milk available April – Nov.): $50/share buy-in; jar deposit: $10. Monthly board for standard cowshare: $45. Monthly board for A2/A2 cowshare: $55. Half shares also available (one Share = 1 gallon milk/week). Directions to farm: Located on the southwest corner of O Street and 59th Avenue in Greeley, CO. Open daily with self pick-up at the Greeley Farm, and at Cresset Farm in North Fort Collins. Farm tours by appointment. See other places where you can find products from this farm.