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They have one endangered dairy breed of dairy cows, Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) and a new breed for the USA, Viking Red (Danish Red) which comes from Denmark. Both breeds excel in grass-based milk production. They also have Guernsey and Normande cows. They breed for A2/A2 beta casein and test for diseases. They have 160 acres and pasture cows full time. They raise replacement cows using nurse cows and feed very little grain, focusing on good grazing and healthy pastures. They have a small herd to tailor to cattle's individual needs. Fresh whole raw milk available for sale year-round, $4/gallon. Please call ahead to reserve and schedule pickup time. They do sell family milk cows, trained, gentle and suitable to be a family cow, please ask if you or someone you know is considering owning their own family milk cow. They consider their cows part of the family and we stay connected after the sale. Also for sale: Small milking systems matched to your cow and your needs. See other places where you can find products from this farm.