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Raw milk available year round. Cows are machine milked. The milk is tested, double filtered (while milking and again for storage), and bottled/tank refrigerated immediately after milking. You may visit the farm to watch the process if you like. Cows are not given antibiotics or hormones. Most of the milk is A2/A2 and the farm is working toward 100% A2/A2.

The farm is a past commercial dairy with a commercial refrigerated tank. Thus they can also offer bulk quantities with appropriate containers and prior notice. When they have surplus milk and by giving them ample warning, you may be able to indulge in adventures in making cheese, ice cream, butter, and/or yogurt. Or become a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly customer via subscription (preferred) for reserved milk. Milk is sold in your supplied container (the farm does try to keep jars on hand for sale), then switched out (after thorough cleaning), then returned with your name on it.

Current prices are $7/gallon or $3.50/half-gallon for cow's milk. Quantity discount available for cheesemaking or milk projects (with provided food-safe 5-gallon bucket).

Farm is right off of Highway 67, behind Mineral Area College a couple of miles.

To contact them, call (in this order...they work too) 573-760-6701 or 314-803-3063. If no answer, leave a message and then please be patient, or call back if you don't hear from them. The farmers both work full-time jobs.

Farmer's statement: "We understand all aspects of healthy cows. Our family has four generations of experience. If you are unsure, please do your research and then feel free to come and see how it's done. You should always go and see the process from any dairy that you choose for raw milk. There should be nothing to hide."