Type of location
Street Address
2550 B Road
ZIP Code
Phone Number
954 410-8688

Cream Catcher’s Farm is a registered dairy within the state of Florida. They offer raw milk and fresh cream from A2/A2 dairy cows. This small mom & pop farm also offers fresh organic meat chickens, chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, raw honey from their hives when harvested, registered pigs when litters are born for the china box. They also raise organic meat turkeys once a year for the holidays. They have a total of 15 cows, including several registered Jersey cows, registered Brown Swiss, and registered Guernseys. They also will be selling registered dairy calves from each breed. Products are sold right off the farm. Open to the public on Saturdays. During the week it is by appointment only; call to arrange a day and time. Call: Linda @ 954 410-8688.

Farmer's statement: "We are a touch of Pennsylvania in the south!"