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Cream Catcher’s Farm & Dairy

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Cream Catcher’s Farm & Dairy
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954 410-8688

Dairy cows: Jersey cows and Brown Swiss. all cows are fed orchard-alfalfa hay and are on pasture grasses. They get fresh water from a water line hookup and top minerals for body health. Thorine, conditioner, multi-minerals are free choice for all cows. All cows are tested regularly; each cow having their own files listing their testing for diseases (BVD, Johnes, Bucellus). They also test each cow for BLV and do an udder panel for mastitis. They test cows’ udders for butter fat content of their milk and for SCC (udder health). They also test cow milk for any pathogens. They are licensed and registered with the state AG in Tallahassee to sell raw cow milk for pet use consumption only. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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