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Raw cow milk and homemade yogurt from Normande cows. All cows are DNA tested to only carry the A2 milk protein. Cows graze on irrigated meadow and ranch pasture in summer and are fed grass/alfalfa hay raised right on the ranch. Grain ration is rolled barley with flax and black oil sunflower seed. Cows are given free choice mineral and salt. Cows are tested for TB, Brucellosis and Johnes. Milk quality is tested several times a year for somatic cell count, MUN and components such a butterfat and protein. Milk is filtered and quickly chilled in a cold water bath. Sold in glass half gallon jars, $5/half gallon. The breeding schedule of cows is staggered to allow milk availability year-round. Milk can be picked up at the ranch in Leiter, or is available in Buffalo, Gillette, and Sheridan. Other delivery locations in surrounding areas can be discussed. Sheridan: Cross E Dairy & Freedom Foods 110 S Main St, Tues- Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4 also a variety of local foods. Gillette: Downtown Gillette Farmer’s Market open year-round 11 am-6 pm, Mon-Sat at 118 S. Gillette Ave. Buffalo: by pre-order basis at a delivery location that is open 9 am-5 pm Tues-Thurs. See other places where you can find products from this farm.