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1143 RS County Road 2300
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CT Ranch is a family-run, micro-dairy providing A2 raw milk and dairy products from Brown Swiss cows, since 2014. The cows are rotationally grazed on pasture all day and given grass hay, as needed. They are given small amounts of grain and minerals during milking. All cows are fully tested.

This farm is also unique as a cow-calf share dairy. They do not separate calves from their mothers at birth but rather raise them together until weaning. This reduces stress on both the cow and the calf.

In addition to raw A2 milk, they also offer raw A2 cream, raw A2 butter, raw A2 yogurt, A2 kefir, and raw A2 cheeses. They also have chicken and duck eggs, grass-fed or grain-finished beef, pastured milk-fed pork, pastured chickens, raw honey and baked goods. They do have a variety of other local artisan products available such as goat milk soaps, locally made candles, and ancient grain flours.

Products are available to farm members only. You can sign up for a membership ($20, one-time) on their website, or at the farm.

All farm products can be ordered directly through their website or from the farm during open farm store hours. The farm store is open for pickup Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm. They also offer delivery to select locations throughout North and Northeast Texas on certain days and times. Please contact them directly to inquire about delivery options.

The farm store is located just south of Emory, right off Hwy 19.