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Email Andria Perkins for more information at andria.perkins@yahoo.com. If you do not use email you may call the farmer at 937-581-3404, but please note that they use a phone shed so let the phone ring a long time (and try again as necessary). Other possible pickup groups to be arranged could include Troy, Sidney, Bellefountaine, Lima, Piqua, Springfield, Findlay, Marion, and Marysville depending on demand so let them know of your interest. Currently milking Holsteins. They grow their own feed and use natural practices as much as possible. Cows graze grass and eat hay and a small amount of grain. Future cows may include Jerseys. Milk may be picked up at the farm in plastic jugs or you may bring your own glass containers if you prefer. Cow herdshare buy-in prices are $25 and goat buy-in prices are $15. Monthly boarding fees are $17. See other places where you can find products from this farm.