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Theresa – 320-290-2757, Jerry- 320-249-2431, email: TheresaJerry@me.com, web: EichersHobbyFarm.com, EichersHobbyFarm.weebly.com, Facebook: Eichers Hobby Farm. A family run farm, with 20 acres in Avon, MN, and 80 acres in Bertha, MN, where they crop farm to feed their animals alfalfa. They also feed molasses and natural supplements. Not a licensed organic farm but practice as if they are. They raise goats, chickens, and have two Great Pyrenees dogs to protect their herd of goats. They all have a barn for shelter with fresh running water at all times and a large pasture to roam on. They raise Nubian, Saanen, Alpine, Boer, Toggenburg, Kiko and Oberhasli goats. Fresh and frozen raw goat milk available, and fresh artisan goat cheese produced in their licensed cheese processing plant on their Hobby Farm plant 27-121. They also offer face and body creams, lip cream, and soap. They sell products at farmers markets and stores, and you can also purchase on the farm in Avon. See other places where you can find products from this farm.