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573-743-3212 or 573-218-0110

Raw milk available from Jersey cows, on pasture all day except for milking time. No chemicals used on pasture. Cows are antibiotic and hormone free. At milking time, cows are fed fodder grass grown from organic barley seed; no pesticides nor GMOs used. Cows have been tested and qualify for the A2/A2 genetics. Milk is $10/gallon, $5/half gallon. Also available: raw milk from A2/A1 cows, who receive a scoop of supplemental non-soy grain at milking time, $7/gallon; $3.50/half gallon. They keep the grain to a minimum–very light supplementation in spring and summer, more in fall and winter. Bucket milkers are broken down to the smallest part after each milking, then scrubbed and washed thoroughly with mild dish liquid; no harsh chemicals or acids used. Delivery is available from along I-44, to South St. Louis, all around the city up to Florrissant and O'Fallon, MO. New delivery drop locations can be added with a minimum order of 7 gallons. Delivery is made twice weekly; milk is very fresh. Reliable supplier serving the St. Louis area for over 10 years. Located in Mark Twain National forest near Viburnum. Pastured pork and beef also available. Farm visits welcome–come see us during your Steelville floating vacation! See other places where you can find products from this farm.