Type of location
Street Address
La Acequia (between Dolega and Potrerillos)
Chiriquí La Acequia
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Alpine and Toggenburg goats. Raised as organically as possible; goats are pastured, much of their food is grown onsite, and all is organic except a small amount of mineral supplement. No antibiotics or hormones are used; if an animal requires medication they use medicinal plants from the rainforest if they can, and they discard milk longer than advised so that no medication ever enters the milk. Goats and milk are tested regularly. Careful about sanitation; separate, dedicated room for milk processing. Goat’s milk (raw “cruda” or pasteurized) for $2.75/liter, cheese, plain or guanabana yogurt, and kefir. Order in advance. Idanea knows a small amount of English but she has a relative who can translate e-mails for her. She is happy to let you see the goats and their facilities. Farm is next to a school; approximate GPS coordinates: 8.614852,-82.445310. Orders can also be picked up at the BCP in Boquete at the Tuesday morning gringo market. See other places where you can find products from this farm.