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933 Mills Darden Rd.
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This small family farm offers herdshares in Dutch Belted cattle (and a Jersey) from which you can get your own fresh raw milk, as well as grass-finished beef.

All cattle on their ranch have a forage-only diet, with the exception that lactating cattle are supplemented with a small amount of oats and sunflower seeds.

Their current milk cow is a Jersey. She gives clean, sweet, creamy milk, and all cattle on their farm are extensively disease tested, and they have a firm commitment to cleanliness.

The farm has 5 available herd shares ready to start immediately.

Note that due to repeated no-shows and non-payment, and in order to continue to operate, the farm is forced to require the buy-in and first three months to be paid up front.

They are currently breeding their herd of Dutch Belted A2/A2 heifers and expect to have them in production within a year. Current share holders will be the first to get this special milk.

Farmer's statement: "Dutch Belted cows provide what has been called the 'ideal drinking milk'."