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Gloryland Family Farmstead

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Gloryland Family Farmstead
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A small, sustainable family farmstead offering milk and dairy, eggs, vegetables (including winter greens), and rabbit meat. The A2 dairy goat and Jersey cow milk is sold both through herdshares and as quality pet milk suitable for all species. The family farm and animals are managed holistically and humanely in keeping with good stewardship principles, with emphasis placed on improving the soil in order to produce pasture for healthy animals and nutrient-rich products. The herd is tested negative for TB, Johne’s, CAE, and CL, and is raised as naturally as possible on pasture without added hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, soy, or GMOs. School and family farm tours, as well as workshops teaching cheesemaking, soapmaking, and family farmsteading topics are also offered. More information can be found at their blog: See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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