Type of location
Street Address
1874 W Guin Rd.
ZIP Code
Phone Number
(417) 576-5933

The farm owners have nine years of experience raising and milking dairy goats and two years of experience owning a Grade A goat dairy and cheese plant. The farm has Lamancha dairy goats raised on pasture using natural methods of care. The goats are given a small amount of non-GMO oats at milking time. They never receive hormones. They have access to mineral supplements and deep well water. The goats are milked under sanitary conditions by machine with an inline filter. The milk is quickly chilled and held in a stainless-steel Muller bulk tank. Raw milk is offered in new half gallon plastic jugs at $9/gallon ($4.50/half gallon). Please call for an appointment to purchase milk. The goats are usually somewhere close by so you can see them when you come for milk. Baby goats are also available to pet in the spring. See other places where you can find products from this farm.