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Grass-based organic dairy on 550 acres in north central MO. Milking 40 Jersey-cross cows, who feed on pasture (rotational grazing), and are fed some organic corn or barley but no soy. Closed herd, raise their own replacements and do not buy any cows or calves at sale barns. Cows raise their calves on pasture. Milk processed on farm; butter churned weekly in a 250-gallon churn. Raw milk, raw butter ($12/lb), raw cream ($6/pint), 100 percent grassfed lamb from Katahdin sheep (ground, chops, legs, ribs, organ meats, bones), and 100 percent grassfed beef from Jersey-cross steers (ground, steak, ribs, roasts, organ meats, bones) available. Beef is hung for minimum of two weeks; three if local butcher has space available. Will ship butter and meats (frozen); $40 minimum order. Buy in bulk and save. Example: Butter is $11/lb when you buy 40 or more lbs. They ship it frozen via UPS; and you can keep it, frozen, for about a year. See other places where you can find products from this farm.