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Growing In Grace Farm

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Growing In Grace Farm
Street Address:
397 Beckham Gadberry Rd.
ZIP Code:
Phone Number:
985-215-5206 (text)

Tom and Lynelle Frazier. Milk shares available from pastured Jersey or Jersey/Guernsey cows on a small family farm. They are fed a small amount of non-GMO feed soaked in apple cider vinegar along with alfalfa and mineral salts at feeding time only. Milking is done by single-cow milker into a closed stainless steel container, and immediately strained into jars, chilled for two hours in a freezer, and refrigerated until pick-up. No antibiotics, hormones, etc. Local pick-up from farm in Fairplay, KY. Shares are $6/week per share, to be paid monthly in advance. No rain checks; shares not picked up any given week up are forfeited. Please provide two jars for each share – one for now and one to leave for next pick-up, and label the lids of jars with your name. Call, text, or email for additional information.

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