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(just North of Citrus Park Mall in the heart of Carollwood), phone: 727-637-1549 (8:00 am – 9:30 pm only please) Happy Tails Farm is a family run farm license #4234 as of 2017 by Fresh From Florida program and Department of Agriculture. They are a sustainable run farm with pasture-raised Nubian and Alpine goats, chickens and other poultry. They do not use any antibiotics or hormones with their stock and their feed comes from one of the oldest feed mills in the state that fresh grinds the feed and contains no soy. The herd is registered with the AGDA and are CAE free as well as regularly tested for disease. Products include raw goat milk, kefir, yogurt and a variety of cheeses, including chevre, feta, ricotta, Roquefort, curds, etc. They also have available for sale raw cow milk from a partnering dairy. The farm also offers pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, and Peking ducks. They have a limited amount of eggs available. Per Florida law, all raw milk products and fresh unwashed eggs are sold for pet consumption only. Do not ask to encourage human consumption of products as it could jeopardize licensing with the state. Products are sold in new BPA-free jugs. They are found in a number of co-ops in the area as well as farm pickups available daily. Volunteers welcome, and any questions you may have. See other places where you can find products from this farm.