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Hardwicke Farms

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Hardwicke Farms
Street Address:
21180 Hwy 144
Richmond Hill (Savannah Area)
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ADGA registered Nubian dairy goats that are grassfed and milked twice per day. Hardwicke Farms feeds local perennial peanut hay grown by a Georgia farmer and a specially formulated dairy goat grain blend. Fresh raw milk is sold to order in gallon and half gallon increments. Orders placed today are collected at the next milking and ready for pickup on the following day. The farm is located approximately 25 minutes from Savannah, GA. This herd is on monthly DHIA milk test that checks quality, fat, and protein components. All milk animals are tested annually for CAE, Brucellosis and TB. This herd is not routinely given antibiotics or wormer unless their condition merits it and UGA withholding times for collecting milk are followed. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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