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This private membership club offers organic raw milk online. They ship to members in all 50 states and establish drop site locations in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Cost to become a lifetime member is a one-time, $1 donation that comes out at the time of your first order.

Products: 100% grass-fed A2 raw milk from Jersey cattle, including raw cream, raw butter, raw yogurt, raw kefir, raw cheese, and more. Raw goat milk and raw sheep milk. 100% grass-fed Angus beef from their own managed herd. Pastured poultry with soy-free feed. Soy- and corn-free pasture-raised eggs (shipped to members throughout the country). They also offer pork, seafood (including fresh oysters in the shell), chicken/beef stock, homemade sourdough breads and bagels, raw honey, maple syrup, kombucha, cultured vegetables, an assortment of seasonal produce, citrus, and more.

Farmer's statement: "Walk alongside us as we steward the Lord's resources."