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Facebook: heavenonearthranch. Pasture-raised crossbred Nubian, Alpine, and Kiko goats. Machine milked twice daily. Stored in glass jars and cooled right after milking. Milk is stirred twice daily to prevent cream from staying on top. Milk price is $8/gallon. They are a small family farm offering raw goat milk, cheeses, and butter. Milk sold by the quart, half gallon or gallon. Milk delivery in Cameron and Hamilton. Call for drop off dates. All sales must originate on farm. Pasture-raised goat meat, poultry and eggs also available. As well as grassfed purebred longhorn beef, and pasture-raised pork. Goat meat sold as whole animal, chicken as whole, pork as half or whole, beef in quartered, half or whole. Call for availability. Farm hours: Monday - Sat, 8 am to 8 pm. Tours available during farm hours. Cheese making classes available on request. They raise their animals in a multi-species management intensive grazing setting. Each animal complements each other and the forage that they are raised on. You can also find Heaven on Earth at the Hamilton Farmers Market on Fridays. See other places where you can find products from this farm.