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Hickory Hollow Homestead

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Hickory Hollow Homestead
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20605 S. 401st West Avenue
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Preferred contact is via email or text. Open for farm tours and milk pick-up by appointment only. Raw milk in season (February – November, and usually extended). Raw milk is available directly off the farm in Non-BPA plastic half gallon jugs for $10/gallon or $6/half gallon. They use a professional raw milk approved milking system and feed local hay and locally milled grain combined with high quality minerals. Kids are dam raised for their first 2 weeks whenever possible, and often left to be raised by their dams. ADGA Registered Lamancha kids, and the occasional adult, are available for sale. Goats are bred to improve milk production, ease of care, parasite resistance, and confirmation with improvement of the breed in mind. Kids are reserved with a deposit in advance or email for current selection. Goat milk soaps and herbal preparations (salves, etc.) are available in small batches. Text or email to check inventory. Available to teach classes on a variety of topics such as soap making, herbal preparations, and cheese making, email or visit their Facebook page for more information. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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