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141 Hwy 124 W
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Farmer statement:
"Here at Hillside Acres, it was never our intent to sell to the public. Instead, we wanted to meet our own raw dairy needs and those within our local community. Just like our own experience before we had our little micro-herd, once you try raw milk, it's impossible to go back.

We want to share that bounty and experience with you! Our girls are currently working hard to improve our pasture here on our little farm and are rewarded with alfalfa pellets, oats, and barely at milking time. Outside of that time, you will see them turning that grass into raw milk.

We sell in plastic jugs and offer glass with a deposit and a rotating exchange of clean (sterilized) jars with your name on them. We accept cash and PayPal currently for on farm pick-up.

If you are interested in organizing a herdshare for a local drop-off point, please reach out to Mara with questions."

half gallon: $4.00
gallon: $8.00
Glass (half-gallon jars) deposit is $3.00 per jar.