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North Carolina
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Jewel Hill Farms offers raw milk through their dairy cowshare program. They are a small sixth generation family farm just outside of Marshall, NC; raising A2/A2 registered Jersey dairy cows that enjoy free access to grass/hay, free choice minerals, and (tested) fresh water outdoors. Cows are fed a small amount non-GMO grain at milking time and are given absolutely no growth hormones; and no antibiotics, or other medication on a regular basis. One dairy share provides a member with one gallon (on average) of raw milk per week. Transport kits comprised of sanitizable coolers, ice wraps, and half-gallon glass jars with plastic lids are included with dairy shares by deposit. Shares may also be used for butter, yogurt, or cheese when available. They also, in accordance with NC state law, sell “pet milk” (not for human consumption) for $6/half gallon. Shares and pet milk may be picked up during scheduled times at the farm, or once a week in Asheville. Jewel Hill Farms uses an on-farm laboratory to ensure their milk is tested regularly, is safe, and exceeds commercial dairy standards. They maintain the same high standards of care with milk for pet consumption. Test results are published monthly on Jewel Hill Farms Facebook page. They are accredited by the Raw Milk Institute for following approved procedures and best practices at the farm and in the milk parlor. As seasonally available, Jewel Hill Farms also offers fresh fruit, heritage breed eggs and local honey all produced right on the farm. The Ramseys invite you to visit the farm to see how a small dairy farm operates and meet your cows! Email for more information, or to schedule your visit to purchase a dairy share.