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Milk shares available from grassfed A2 purebred Guernsey cow. This cow has been tested and proven to have A2/A2 beta casein. She is mostly grassfed with a small amount of organic dairy feed given at milking time. Every effort made to use only organic products such as organic fly spray made of essential oils. She is hand milked into stainless steel buckets, milk is strained, chilled in the freezer, and stored in glass jars. You may sample the milk first by appointment. Local pick up from farm. May be able to meet you in town depending on the quantity and location. Shares cost $6/week and will provide one gallon of milk per week. They can be paid monthly. You can provide your own jars or purchase half gallon jars for $2.50/jar including a lid. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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