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25844 Butler Road
Junction City
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Herdshares currently available for grassfed Jersey and Dutch Belted milking herd. All cows tested rigorously to verify their health before coming to the farm. Some A2/A2 herdshares available in limited quantities beginning February 2016. Organic or no-spray feeds only, organic pastures, 16 free-choice supplements, homeopathic and natural herd health practices whenever possible. Limited amounts of organic grain for some animals who require it. Year-round grazing as possible based on weather. Sanitary milk handling practices, with milk parlor and creamery designed and operated according to WA state retail requirements for raw milk production and with the Raw Milk Institute's common standards in mind. Lab testing and on-farm testing of milk. Pre-paid herdshares available for pick-up on farm or at drop point in Eugene multiple times a week. Subscription for herd milking, maintenance, and management fees at $40/half share, $80/full share, as well as a one-time required purchase of a $40 educational welcome packet so members learn proper raw milk handling practices. Some in-kind trade opportunities for herdshares are available. Farm tour required for membership; tours available by appointment. See other places where you can find products from this farm.