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4701 Lebanon Rd.
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Open by appointment only. Free range herd of Saanen, Alpine and Recorded Grade dairy goats. Healthy herd, CAE Neg, CL Free and annual Biosecurity Panel (TB, Brucellosis & Johnes) done on all milkers. Herd is on a standard dairy herd improvement testing program. Individual monthly testing is done on the milk for each goat on their protein, fat and somatic cell count. Goats milked 365 days a year. Goats are fed alfalfa hay and a local grain mix. Chemical dewormers rarely used. If used, strict withdrawal times are adhered to. Warm water with electrolytes is changed out at least 2x a day. Fans are used to keep them cool and fly predators are used to limit use of fly insecticides. Antibiotics are used, but only in life and death situations. So no routine antibiotics are used and strict withdrawal times are followed if antibiotics are needed. Our girls (and stinky boys) are part of our family. Raw milk dairy herdshares offered with the option of having a portion of your shares made into cheeses. Shares offered year-round. Email for more information. See other places where you can find products from this farm.