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North Carolina
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Instagram, LaurelHillFarm. Laurel Hill Farm is a small, diverse, completely alternative farm at Spencer Mountain near Charlotte. Specializing in naturally-raised Nubians and raw milk. Raw milk is sold according to North Carolina law for animal consumption only. The milk is hand-milked from their small dairy goat herd fed only organic feed - no animal by-product feed, hormones, or antibiotics used. As each goat is hand milked, the milk is immediately put in an ice water bath and kept cold until strained and bottled. The milk products are sold in glass quart containers for $4/quart plus a $1 jar deposit. Call for seasonal availability of milk, eggs, chèvre, and kefir. All sales and farm visits are by appointment only. Alternatively raised Nubian dairy goats, Barred Rock and Jersey Giant chickens, guineas, and bees. See other places where you can find products from this farm.