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Nubian and Nubian/Lamancha crossed dairy goats. Animals are never given any hormones, vaccines, chemical wormers, antibiotics or pharmaceuticals. Everything animals eat is either grown there or is labeled as being Certified Organic, exceptions being sea salt, minerals and chemical-free hay they feed from off-farm. Their non-chemical method of worming includes herbal wormer, organic pumpkin seeds/rose hips/sunflower seeds/garlic/dolomite/kelp and rotational grazing. The herd is kept small to reduce overgrazing. Water is from on-farm spring. Hand milking is in separate area of barn and chilled immediately. Raw organic goat milk available with advance ordering beginning March in pints, quarts or half gallons. Deposits on all jars needed, unless your own clean jars are furnished. Fertilized soy-free eggs from free-range chickens available with advance ordering (washed/unwashed). The same natural/organic raising methods/practices as described for goats are used for raising chickens, except chickens have free-choice Certified Organic grain mixed onsite. organic goat milk soap available, too. Please send email or call (10am - 7pm) for prices and delivery/pickup information. Raw (unpasteurized) goat milk - $4/pint, $8/quart, available for pick up by appointment. See other places where you can find products from this farm.