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7625 Ward Road
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Wesley and Ali Lightfoot have owned their farmstead since June 2016. They sell their raw cow's milk via herdshare: full shares (1 gallon per week) or half-shares (1/2 gallon per week). Pickup is on the farm in the Shelby Forest area near Millington, Tenn.  They also offer eggs, beef, traditional and unique produce, and homemade jams and jellies.

Farmer statement: "We both graduated from the local high school and have been together since 2011. We got married in 2015 and then had our oldest in the summer 2018 and baby number 2 followed shortly thereafter in 2019. We started out with beef cattle, chickens, and a garden and then slowly expanded from there! Wesley still works full-time and Ali left her teaching career in May 2021 to be on the farm full-time and work in the family processing facility "Lightfoot Farm Market & Processing". Wesley will hopefully be following suit in the next year or two!"

Please email, text, or call with questions about pricing and pick-ups.