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Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

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Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms
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328 Beryl Rd.
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Facebook: Lil-Cypress-Creek-Heritage-Farm. UPDATE: Now available: unpasteurized 100 percent grassfed Jersey A2/A2 milk – $8/gal. Kept on pasture 24/7 fed hay to supplement grass during low grass seasons and given fermented non-GMO alfalfa and dry alfalfa during milking. They also have unpasteurized Jersey A1/A2 milk for $6/gal. Kept on pasture 24/7 and fed non-GMO Hiland Naturals Dairy feed along with fermented and dry alfalfa during milking (all cows machine milked). Also available: grassfed beef – always on pasture, fed hay during low grass seasons and never put in a feed lot. Grass-raised poultry – Cornish X Broilers raised in portable outdoor runs. Green grass under foot at all times. Fed Hiland Naturals non-GMO feed. Sold whole at $4/lb. Free range eggs: various brown egg laying breeds, free range and fed Hiland Naturals non-GMO feed. $4/dozen. Call anytime to schedule pick up or just to view the farm, visitors are always welcome. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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