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email: info@maplestonelamanchas.com (please use subject “CREAMERY ORDER”),?web: maplestonelamanchas.com. Lamancha dairy goats allowed acres of pasture and free-choice hay the farm produces. They are given free-choice minerals, annual copper vitamin boluses, sodium bicarbonate, whole grains, and a commercially formulated balancing ration. Vaccinations for Clostridia types C and D, tetanus, and E. coli are given annually as part of the proactive herd health plan. The herd is tested annually for TB and Brucellosis per state law for licensing as well as CAE virus. The herd is 100 percent free of these diseases. The farm and the feed are not Certified Organic, but pesticides and chemicals are not used. Any antibiotic therapies are used only as treatments for the health and well-being of the animals and withdrawal periods are strictly adhered to for human safety. Raw milk for sale in half-gallon plastic ($5 or 2 for $8.50) or glass ($5 with $3 bottle deposit) containers. Discounts offered to regular customers and on bulk purchases. Made to order products include chevre cheese in plain and maple flavor, and yogurt. Open by appointment only. Call or email to arrange an appointment. See other places where you can find products from this farm.