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Facebook; McAllister Family Farm and Creamery. FTCLDF member. They are a herdshare, offering raw milk from pastured A2/A2 Jersey and Guernsey cows. They say their process yields milk that has a shelf life of at least 10 days. The cows are on organically managed pasture full-time, with local unsprayed grass hay, and a small amount of alfalfa hay. The only grain the cows receive is whole oats, whole barley and whole peas fresh ground into a mash at each milking. No GMO feeds are fed. The cows have 16 different free choice minerals available at all times to keep themselves balanced and maintain a healthy pH. Each cow is tested for somatic cell counts daily. Test results are available on-site to see. They fill half gallon glass jars. $56/share for one gallon a week for one month. $28/half gallon a week for one month. ($14 for one gallon or $7 for half gallon). Buy as many shares as you like. Thick heavy cream is available most of the time. The farm store is open 9 am-8 pm seven days a week and holidays for shareholder pickups. They offer a drop point in Eugene two times a week on Monday and Fridays if driving to the farm is not an option. The farm also offers free range organically fed chicken eggs, and free range organically fed duck eggs. Pastured lamb, and beef available at different times of the year, by the whole half. Separate cuts available. They offer grassfed ground beef year around in one-pound packages. Local raw wildflower honey is also available year-round in different sizes. See other places where you can find products from this farm.