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168 Brookside Drive
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Melton Ridge Farms offers A2/A2 raw milk from grass-fed cows.


Farmer's statement:

"Nestled in the heart of lush countryside, our family farm is a haven where tradition meets innovation. For generations, we have been dedicated to nurturing our land and livestock, embracing the age-old wisdom of farming while incorporating modern practices that ensure sustainability and quality.

"At the core of our farm is our prized herd of cows, each treated with the utmost care and respect. Specializing in A2/A2 milk, we’re proud to offer a product that is not only rich in taste but also gentle on the digestive system, making it a wholesome choice for families.

"Our cows graze freely on verdant pastures, basking in the sunshine and breathing fresh, clean air. This natural lifestyle is reflected in the quality of their milk – raw, unprocessed, and brimming with nutrients. We believe in minimal intervention, allowing the milk’s natural goodness to shine through.

"Our farm is more than just a place of business; it’s a family legacy and a community hub where we welcome visitors to experience the serene beauty of farm life and the unparalleled taste of truly fresh, A2/A2 cow milk. Join us in celebrating nature’s bounty and the simple joys of farm-fresh produce."