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This small family-owned farm in Robertson County, Tennessee raises Lamancha dairy goats under the herd name Mercy Morning Homestead and offers a herd-share program for their raw milk. The goats rotationally graze and browse on unsprayed pastures and are fed Certified Organic feed. They are supplied with free-choice minerals and rainwater collected from the roof of the barns.

In addition to the dairy, the primary farm, Fruit of the Earth, offers organic pasture-raised turkeys every fall for Thanksgiving. They also sell fruit-bearing plants (such as raspberries, blackberries, currants, elderberry, etc.) and perennial herbs twice a year in partnership with friends at Paradise Produce Farm in Pleasant View at their semi-annual plant sales. Follow them on Facebook if you would like to see regular updates. Facebook.com/FruitOfTheEarthTN

Email: fotefarmtn at gmail.com

Farmer's statement: "On our farm, we believe in holistic and organic practices for everything from our plants to our animals to ourselves. We treat any issues with parasites or ailments with every possible natural means and only resort to allopathic remedies if the wellbeing of the goat is otherwise in the balance."