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Facebook and Instagram: @mrgoatfeathers.

MR Goatfeathers Farm raises Nigerian dwarf dairy goats using rotational grazing practices, local dairy quality grass and legume hay, and locally produced dairy goat rations on a 4.5 acre homestead with a small flock of chickens. The herd is CAE negative and tested yearly.

Half gallon raw goat milk is available for purchase under the GA Dept of Agriculture Feed License for Pet Consumption. Milk is machine milked and refrigerated upon immediate filtration then frozen within three days of milking if not sold fresh. Fresh eggs available in small quantities.

Farm visits are offered for a donation to the farm's favorite local animal rescue Evelyn's Place in Gainesville, GA.

Goat milk from the farm is also used in cold process soap and lotion products offered through their sister company Embuzi Soap Company. https://embuzisoap.com/.

Call, email or text for milk and egg orders. Pick up at the farm at your convenience 9 am - 6 pm Monday thru Saturday.