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Lancaster, PA 17603 in association with the “Right to Choose Healthy Food Club” and “Algonquin Ridge Organic Farm & Co-Op.” Call 1-877-PAFARMS (1-877-723-2767) for more information, email: reallivemilk@yahoo.com. Private connection hub in Lancaster County, PA consists of a number of traditional Amish farmers and farmers using natural growing methods. Each farm has been selected based on traditional farming and animal husbandry methods. Club members have access to a wide variety of completely grassfed cow and goat dairy products including milk, cream, butter, cheese, unheated yogurt, kefir, colostrum, whey, ice cream and eggnog made with raw honey, sour cream, and more. Meats available include unfrozen, fresh grassfed organic beef, pastured chicken (no soy), turkey (seasonal), lamb, and pork (free foraging with steady supply of whey and milk). Seafood includes fresh unfrozen wild-caught fish including lobsters from Maine and crabs from Maryland. Other foods available include local raw honey, raw nuts and seeds (soaked and unsoaked), lacto-fermented foods (kimchee, sauerkraut, beet kvass, pickles, radish, cabbage, fermented ketchup, kombucha, kombucha mushrooms, kefir grains), sourdough and soaked breads, ginger ale, honey mustard, homemade mayonnaise, apple butter, applesauce, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh exotic and rare fruits from Asia, olive oil, coconut oil and other coconut products, and fermented cod liver oil and other superfoods. See other places where you can find products from this farm.