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A private membership club. 100 percent grassfed. They have A2/A2 raw milk. Real nutrient-dense foods directly from the Amish farmer. All products are produced according to the Weston A. Price traditions, employing practices that are pure and traceable, sustainable, humane and environmentally conscious and completely free of soy, hormones, GMOs and antibiotics. Their extensive list of products include the following: 100 percent grass­fed Red Devon and Angus beef, goat, lamb, rabbit, buffalo and whey-fed pork. Certified raw A2/A2 milk, raw cheese (soft and hard cheese), raw butter, raw cream, raw yogurt, raw kefir. Raw goat, sheep, camel and buffalo milk. Pastured chicken, turkey, goose and duck. Pastured and fertile chicken, duck and goose eggs. Nutrient-­dense bone broth from beef, veal, buffalo, lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, duck, goose and fish. Wild salmon and haddock from Alaska and Iceland. Crispy nuts; soaked/sprouted/sourdough breads, soaked and sprouted granola and bars; home made nut butters, potato chips, gluten free cookies and pies. Fermented kimchi, sauerkraut; beet kvass, kombucha, pickles, ginger ale, ketchup, grape cooler, homemade super tonic, beets, carrots/onions and mayonnaise; raw honey and maple syrup; raw cow and buffalo ice cream; Green Pasture Blue Ice cod liver and butter oils; homemade goat milk soaps, locally grown organic sprouts and wheatgrass and much more. Over 600 products to choose from. They also offer insulated/ice-packed FedEx/UPS shipping. To view their entire list of products, ingredients, prices and pickup locations, visit their website www.pasturedfarmfoodclub.com. For private members only. They guarantee customer service and product quality. See other places where you can find products from this farm.