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Payne Family Farm

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Payne Family Farm
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Delivering to Westerville, New Albany, Pataskala, and Mt. Vernon. Private herdshares for raw goat milk or for raw cow milk (along with butter and cream, soon to add provolone and mozzarella cheese). Classes in making ice cream, kefir, and goat cheese. Pastured poultry custom butchered to your specifications, free-range turkey for Thanksgiving, and free-range brown eggs. They use stainless steel milking machines and a cooling system to ensure clean milk; quality control programs in place. Fields are organically re-mineralized every year and water supply is filtered. All farm products are scheduled for pick up through the office. Scarlett Payne is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner who sees over 250 regular clients for a variety of health issues. Now accepting new clients. Contact them for order forms, herdshare fees, and/or office visits. See other places where you can find products from this farm.

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