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Pine Creek Products LLC raises Alpine dairy goats as well as free range chickens and ducks. All of their goats are supplemented with organic loose minerals as they rotate 35 acres of pine forest. When the goats are fed during milking season they are given organic alfalfa pellets and black oil sunflower seeds. The goats are hay fed during the winter months with an alfalfa and grass mix with no pesticides. The herd is tested yearly with negative results for CAE, CL, brucillosis, and Johnes. Pine Creek Products LLC hand milks their does in a milking room once a day and allows the goat kids to be dam raised. Raw goat milk is filtered using a milk filter and chilled in a ice bath. Chevre of many different flavors is made with any overabundance of milk. Fresh kefir is also made using their raw goats milk. See other places where you can find products from this farm.